Our “Executive” Package Beds

Our Executive Package includes all the beds from the Lounge and Super Beds Packages, along with the up grades to gain access to our Level 3 and Level 4 beds. The level 3 and level 4 beds will put out More UV and @ different UV frequencies in a shorter time to help you achieve a more luxurious tan in a shorter amount of time. Our level 3 is a stand up dome and the level 4 is our cadillac of all the beds in the valley! Once you try  it you will never look back.

Executive Beds Overview


Get an amazing tan with this European, efficient masterpiece. The Sun Ergoline Classic 600, a level four bed, is also a top of the line tanning unit. This solarium differs from the 650 in that it only has the four 500 watt high pressure facials. However, it has fifty two 160 watt reflector bulbs and five shoulder bulbs. The benefits of this bed is that you tan less frequently, supercharge an existing tan, and maintain with fewer sessions. Once you try the 600 it is hard to go back to any other bed. With a maximum time of only 12 minutes you can stop in anytime for a great tan.



Solar systems 48 is all about functionality and speed. With 48 160W VHO bulbs, & no acrylic to block those UV rays, you can expect to break that Tanning plateau most tanners experience Get some sun on those hard to tan areas of your body in our Level 3 VHO Standup. THREE times the tanning potential compared to Level 1 but as gentle as our Level 2 VHO Beds; lose the “lines” and be proud to show off your beautiful brown tan!